Qualification & Honor
Qualification & Honor
Increase production and energy saving, realize profitable environmental protection
  • A1A2 manufacturing (pressure vessel) original
    A1A2 design (pressure vessel)
  • Manufacturing (pressure pipe component) TS2710N52-2022 (pressure vessel) original
    B5 ASEME S Certificate of Authorization (Luhe) 37524 (Pressure Vessel)
  • B4 ASME U Certificate of Authorization (Luhe) 37525 (Pressure Vessel)
    B2 ASME U2 authorization certificate (Luhe) 47212 (pressure vessel)
  • B1 ASME U Certificate of Authorization (Jiangning) 35595 (Pressure Vessel)
    A1A2 design (pressure vessel) Sunpower Technology
  • A1A2 manufacturing (pressure vessel)
    A1A2 design (pressure vessel)
  • Pressure Pipe Design License GB1, GB2, GC1, GC2, GC3